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Orchestral Music
Basic Care and Maintenance
of Violin Bows

Caring for a violin bow, like caring for a violin, requires dedication and consistency, but can save money on expensive repairs over the long run. With so much emphasis on violin care, the proper maintenance and care of the violin bow can get lost in the shuffle. In many ways, a violin bow is much more delicate and susceptible to misuse than the violin itself. Still, many of the standard rules of violin care can and should be applied to the care of the bow. This is true, whether we're discussing violin bows, cello bows or viola bows. For instance, keeping a bow clean is essential to proper care of a bow. After applying rosin to a bow and playing for any amount of time, rosin dust will not only accumulate on the instrument, but also on the bow itself. Any professional violin shop or online violin store will sell soft, microfiber cloths. These cloths are ideal for cleaning not only a violin but the bow as well. By gently wiping the frog and the wooden... (more)

Truth in Love
Bright and Salty Saints
Salt and Light Matthew 5:13 – 15 Preacher: JB Hall / Sermon presented at First Baptist Church – West Liberty, KY Source: Introduction: You and I live in extraordinary times in our nation’s history. These are not ordinary times. We are witnessing, right before our very eyes, the destruction of American culture, and the rise of a tyrannical Social state. This is not just random, modern day cultural rot we are witnessing. This has been an ill-contrived, highly organized, masterfully executed plan that has been an ongoing project for many years. In much the same way termites eat away at the foundation of your home, and their work does not become visible until your home is in danger of total collapse; American culture has been under attack from hidden enemies with secretive agendas for decades, eating away at the foundations of our nation. You and I live in the age of deception. Great... (more)

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Monday, July 21, 2014. Chaos and violence continue, Christians were targeted last week, suddenly this week the United Nations and the US State Dept and Nouri al-Maliki notice, Nouri continues killing civilians, and much more. Yesterday at the Vatican, Pope Francis weighed in on the issue of the ongoing persecution of Iraqi Christians. Linda Bordoni (Vatican Radio -- link is text and radio) reports the Pope's remarks included, "Today our brothers are persecuted, they are banished from their homes and forced to flee without even being able to take their belongings!" The Pope declared that violence is not the way to end violence, that only peace could overcome and triumph over violence. What's going on? Catholic World News notes, "Following an ultimatum from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to leave Mosul, convert to Islam, or be killed, the city’s remaining Christians left for other parts of Iraq."... (more)

Youobd2 blog
the launch crp129 has the actual fastest shoe in place as well as dtc examine
Launch CRP123 can be a brand new iteration of primary diagnostic solution regarding specialist as well as personal consumers introduced simply by LAUNCH, some sort of BUILD IT YOURSELF diagnostic solution in whose development is founded on DPU principle composed of computer chip DP431 as well as JV700 while primary features which can be individually created as well as fashioned simply by LAUNCH. The leading features never just comprise OBD / EOBD standard standard protocol diagnosis, but in addition handle specialist diagnostic software program regarding numerous models which sometimes conduct all-inclusive diagnosis at a number of primary ECU's (ENG\ABS\SRS\AT) of vehicle. Countless clients invest in CRP 123, nevertheless if they got, almost all of clients really don't discover how to register as well as udpate it on the internet, now all of us generate this particular measures to help your customer to finish the actual register as well as up-date it on the internet: Fristly, PLZ... (more)

composite wooden siding
This Composite wooden siding can also be referred to as as engineered wooden siding. This has grow to be a lot more well-liked among people plus the key motives are. Looks beautiful;Engineered Wood Siding & Trim. Engineered Wooden Siding and Trim (EWST) are categories of composite panels that have been designed and manufactured to perform in Composite Wooden Siding The Next Generation of Siding.outdoor composite benches Choose from much more than 100 different products in four distinctive families of LP ? SmartSide ? Trim & Siding Composite siding is a man-made material composed of processed wooden pulp or chips that may be combined with Portland cement for greater durability.Composite siding for your home is a better choice than wooden siding. Why composite siding is better than wooden siding for your home.Wood Composite Siding. Composite siding is one of the newest siding options available to homeowners. Made from a combination of wood and various other products LP Smartside LP... (more)

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